Community Integrity Building (CIB)


Community Integrity Building (CIB) is a social accountability approach that helps to identify and implement appropriate, viable solutions to improve the integrity level of the community or client surroundings.

CIB emphasises on participatory development, community engagement, advocacy and social accountability. Three aspects of CIB may help to explain its efficacy in resolving corporate-level problems:
• Techniques for identifying allies from within the bureaucracy, even in settings where corruption is rife. This enables us to work collaboratively with the client.
• Focus on a strong evidence base collected by local monitors and selected members: this gives more legitimacy to findings and leverage to the demand for a “fix”
• Transparent reporting emphasis on reporting the Fix-rate, not the scale of problem: this creates a positive incentive for the key stakeholders to focus on resolving problems, not on fending of criticism.


This comprehensive approach will help clients in:
• Providing high resolution / fix-rate solution rates.
• Ensuring that issues or complaints are resolved quickly.
• Improving service quality.
• Ensuring that staff/society to act as the ‘eyes and ears’ for corporate agencies and contractors.
• Involving the constructive engagement with the masses of the employees and public.
• Making sure that the public perceptions on corporate agencies are improving.
• Avoiding leakage and saving corporate/public money.
• Improving integrity and accountability of corporate agencies and contractors.
• Improving the quality of life.


• Monitoring and evaluation report with consultations in identifying viable formula to increase the integrity level of the public service delivery in aspects of building capability, responsiveness, accountability and transparency.


• Empowering the community to practice and implement self-policing, accountability and check and balance in relation to public service delivery.